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आयुर्वेद जैसा कि नाम में निहित है (‘आयु’: “जीवन” और ‘वेद’: “ज्ञान”) स्वस्थ्य रहने का ज्ञान है और सिर्फ बीमारी के इलाज तक सिमित नहीं है।

Columbus Pharmaceuticals Private Limited is an ayurveda company. Columbus Pharmaceutical is based in Faizabad-Ayodhya,Ranibazar,Sathri,U.P.,India. The foundation stone of the company was laid in the year 1996. The Company is engaged in providing ayurvedic products. Its product categories include child/kids health, women care, men's care, respiratory and allergy, general health/immunity, hair care and joint care. Its manufacturing facility produces a range of approximately 53 Ayurvedic medicines. We are a technology-based, specialty pharmaceutical company applying formulation and development expertise, as well as our drug delivery technology, to the development, manufacture and marketing of bioequivalent pharmaceutical products.

Expertise Of More Than 20 Years

When diet is wrong medicine is of no use.
When diet is correct medicine is of no need.

Since 1996, we are serving as a company Columbus Pharmaceutical. In last 20 years we grow as a trusted brand among doctors and pharmasist. Our medicince are medicaly proven and made their position in current market.We are contineously working to provide every one effective and economic medicines. Every one has the right to live a healthy right. Coming to the base our aim is to provide best medical products at minimal price and we can say we are on that way.

Why Choose Us


Quality Products

Our medicines are based on ayurved and keep their quality standerd from 20 years. They are tested and conteneously improoving.

Qualified Team

What is better than a team having experiance more than 20 years in this field.

Best Support

Our support team always prepaired for any kind of situaltion

Happy Patients

Our Departments

Research & Development is the backbone for ensuring the efficacy, safety quality of the Product manufactured. Even though medicinal herbs used for the treatment of the disease is proven by Ayurvedic scholars and Siddha Saints 5000 years back, we further validate the efficacy, safety and free from toxicity of the product in our R&D


Developing the organisational structure to meet forecasted volumes over the next years.Defining key supervisory processes to run the Department, and ensure strict adherence.Define, manage, monitor and record the performance of all aspects of Department operation and ensure all KPI’s are met. To ensure that product is available to the customer at the required quality and delivery date whilst optimising the operational costs of production. Implement a culture & programs of continuous improvemen. Ensure standards of GMP & HSE are met.

To maintain Batch consistency checks are carried out at various stages of production by adopting Standard Operating procedures by Manufacturing Chemist and Quality control experts. The final batch is released for sale after being certified by Quality control Team.


Generate Maximum Prescriptions & increase market share. Promote the division products as per strategy. Relationship building with stake holders ( Doctors & Chemists). Visiting Doctors & chemists as per their Tour Plan without deviation. Achieving assigned Territory/Geography wise sales target. Report field work in hourly basis on assigned online system.

Developing strategies for increasing opportunities to meet and talk to contacts in the Medical and Healthcare sector. Executing sales and business territory plan activities, supporting customers in using company resources and promotional activities as identified by the Regional Sales Manager. Achieving quarterly sales goals for the territory while adhering to all ethical sales practices and required regulations. Supporting strategy development using inputs gathered from the annual territory business plan and call activity reports. Managing and maintained all company equipment and promotional materials. Developing annual business plan that targeted customers including physicians, retail pharmacies, and institutions

How we work

We carry out a collaborative research and analysis project, to investigate the parameters and scope of the project and explore the contribution we can make. All of the work, even at this initial stage before you incur any costs, is absolutely confidential.

To maintain compliance and meet regulatory standards, these records must be kept consistently and accurately. Proper documentation ensures the safety and integrity of the manufactured products, and missing an outage or incorrectly documenting data could mean the difference between a safe product and product loss.


The main purpose of cleaning validation is to set up guideline to establish cleaning, sampling, testing procedure and residue limits that are practical, achievable, and verifiable to assure safety.

Balance is required every where. We also take care of balance of every thing from planning of product to distribution of product. By this we achived quality and trust.


Pharmaceutical Production Support includes a series of sub-processes designed to ensure that the pharmaceutical manufacturing process runs smoothly and without interruption. These support processes include materials preparation, materials checking, or quality control, and equipment and production area maintenance. Materials preparation involves the inspection of production schedules against inventories to ensure that facilities are stocked with the appropriate ingredients. Materials checking involves the inspection of raw materials to ensure that they meet certain quality standards. Finally, the equipment maintenance and area cleaning processes ensure that manufacturing equipment is in good order and production workstations are sanitized and ready for use.